Armor-Guard Sealcoating - Pavement Crack Sealing Specialists in Portsmouth, New Hampshire

Cracking is a major component in pavement deterioration, and crack sealing plays a big part in preventative maintenance. Immediate attention is required with the first sign of cracking, because water can penetrate the pavement layers resulting in significant problems such as potholes and base failures.
Before crack sealing, all cracks must be thoroughly cleaned to ensure optimal bonding to the sides of the crack channel. This essential step is performed with a high pressure air compressor and/or commercial blowers to remove debris from the cracks. This process is accompanied by wire bristle brooms and power brooms to effectively clean the walls of the crack. If moisture is present, a hot air lance will be used to properly dry out the cracks. In some cases, crack routing may be required. This method is done with a walk behind rotary cutter/router, capable of cutting along the crack to provide a uniform machined edge. This procedure allows the sealant to adhere better to the asphalt pavement, eliminating the chances of premature crack failure. Hot rubber sealant is then applied, and gives the crack a water tight seal once cooled and hardened. The sealant is covered with an aggregate or sand to prevent tracking and for direct traffic.

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